Digital KYC and Agreements

Escrow for Deposits and Advance Rent

Digital Possession, Rent Payments & Receipts

Digital Notices for Vacating & Renewals


Revolutionary Escrow Ecosystem for Tenants & Property Owners

Have you ever wished for a seamless property rental experience? Have you come across a situation where you have faced disagreements with the parties you deal with?

If yes, then now is the time for a change! NeoRent is a revolutionary escrow-based ecosystem that helps tenants and property owners to streamline many rental aspects. Avoid getting into disputes that often arise with property renting.

Manage your entire rental experience in 5 easy steps.

Neorent escrow is powered by leading banks like ICICI Bank and Axis Bank to provide secure transactions between tenant and owners.

  • 1

    Create Account

    The tenant or the owner can create the account.

  • 2

    Make an Agreement

    Simply fill in a few necessary details, and your agreement is ready. You also get an option to buy a stamp paper.

  • 3

    Add Parties

    Once the agreement is created, send a notification to the other party.

  • 4

    Deposit Money in Escrow

    Add money to the escrow account, if you are the tenant. This money gets released to the owner when the requirements as agreed are fulfilled/ met

  • 5

    Manage Account

    Manage identity proofs, agreements, rental receipts, TDS certificates, and other essential documents.

Seamless Property Rental Experience

Neorent Benefits


For Tenants

  1. Deal with KYC verified owners.
  2. Standardized, hassle-free agreement protecting your rights.
  3. Protect your deposit and advance using escrow.
  4. Useful dashboards, TDS management, and rent receipts.
  5. Easy, hassle-free exit, and or renewals.

For Owners

  1. Deal with KYC verified tenants.
  2. Standardized, hassle-free agreement.
  3. Conditional, secure refund of deposits through escrow.
  4. Useful dashboards and TDS management.
  5. Easy, hassle-free exit, and or renewals.